Best Wireless Earbuds Under 50 Euros For Heart Touching Sound

With the official presentation of the new iPhone without a 3.5mm connector, the debate is on the table: is it time to retire the cables? The smartphone has become one of the core center for listening to music, anywhere, anytime. But do all cordless handsets meet minimum requirements and sound qualities?

2016 has become a turning point: more wireless headsets are already sold than wired. Beats, the world’s leading manufacturer acquired by Apple, long ago forgot cables for the best models in its fleet. In any case, the trend seems to be towards the new USB-C Digital Audio protocol, more efficient and with more future possibilities.

A major technological leap

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Wireless headphones have always invited the distrust. Coding technology, until recently, was not up to the task. From radiofrequency we go to bluetooth and NFC (near field communication), which has not been a little path of roses.

Best Wireless Earbuds

What we should be clear is that with the bandwidth of the new Bluetooth and WiFi protocols, the question about quality is no longer valid. No more extreme compression or delay in audio . Moreover, switching to wireless models in most cases implies the jump to models that include their own DAC . The DAC is the hardware in charge of transforming the digital information to analog. Put another way: take all those zeros and ones and make them something audible that our hearing instruments interpret. So if the DAC is up to it, in the case of digital music, the quality can be 1: 1 with respect to the source. In theory, at least.

A for the PERFECT hearing aid

Beats, Bose, Jaybird, Skullcandy … everyone knows the most popular brands – not necessarily the best, as we will see. First we must focus our search. We could classify wireless hearing aids into three subcategories:

  • Sports: for any outdoor activity , with tolerance to rain and sweat, to withstand the mistreatment and abuse inside and outside the home. The keyword is waterproof .
  • Domestic: headphones designed to go from room to room , office in office. Of study or for retransmissions by Youtube, to play without obstacles or to be thrown in the bed reproducing the audio from the desk of another room.
  • HiFi: More technical earphones for the ears . High performance systems that are complemented by a High Definition DAC. And of course, with an emitting source to the height. Forget about Spotify.
 Regardless of the type of headset, the three values ​​that we must take into account when choosing a good wireless model are:

  • Autonomy : most oscillate between 5 and 10 o’clock. But here we also depend on our smartphone , tablet or system. We must look for a headset that does not sacrifice quality when the battery is running low or increases weight / size disproportionately.
  • Construction : Most wireless headphones include some type of head or ear support: neck, clip, elastic band, and so on. Comfort is absolutely key and should be able to operate in more hostile environments than just two meters from the sofa.
  • Features : pairing, compatibility with codecs , and so on. The ultimate goal of a handset should always be the quality of transmission and reproduction. Everything else is accessory.

    From 5 to 50 euros

    Coulax QY8 (€ 15.99)

    We start with a model that is a gift for the capabilities it has. For a little more than 15 euros we take a model compatible with the profiles HFP, A2DP, APTX + EDR (up to 96KHz), with Bluetooth standard 4.1, CVC 6.0 noise cancellation – which translates into intelligent filtering of environmental noise – and The possibility of pairing with two independent devices simultaneously. They are not very comfortable, although flexible, light (just 18 grams), an 80mAh battery that supports up to 7 hours of playback and a range of operation up to 10 meters away.

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    Mpow Cheetah (€ 19.99)

    A model a bit outdated but quite stable and solvent performance. For about 20 euros we have a model of identical technical performance to the above mentioned, with two relevant notes: they are much more comfortable – the box includes 5 pairs of stabilizers ( earbuds ), three of them waterproof – and offer a more powerful sound, with greater packing. By contrast, they go up to almost 60 grams, its battery seldom reaches 6 hours and receives signal up to 9 meters . As for qualities you will not have much to worry about: it operates in the range of 2.4 GHz, standard Bluetooth 4.1 (in addition to the 4 official profiles) and include a RSE PLC chip with a very capable performance.


    Aukey EP Sport (€ 20.99)

    Also compatible with the A2DP, AVRCP and Bluetooth 4.1 protocols, this small is especially popular among some users for its ergonomics. Its battery -Li-Polymer rechargeable 120mAh- offers about 5 hours of music and a charging time of less than 2 hours . Its maximum range is 10 meters and, if we had to emphasize an element, would be its perfect sound coherence: steady bass, pleasant and not very sharp treble. For this price it’s hard to find anything better.

    Philips MyJam Fresh Tones BT (€ 40.99)

    By the hair is cast this model, the smallest of the SHB family . Good headset and best friend, offer drivers above 10mm (14.2 to be exact) which translates into thicker bass and greater sensitivity (107 dB) . Its finish is somewhat more careful than most of the mentioned: flat cable (Flexi-Grip), does not weigh 3 grams, “classic” design (intraural with vertical drop) and compatibility with version 4.1 of Bluetooth. Of course, the battery runs out in a heartbeat: only 4 hours.

    In this price spectrum, we should not forget some headphones with microphones: the Sony SBH20 and Philips SHB 5100 have been around for some time and are ideal for taking calls and, although they do not offer the sound package of other models, they are more versatile thanks To its Multipoint + NFC connectivity.

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