Best 5 Microphones Under €300 To Record Quality Voice

This is the list of options you would consider if you could only spend € 300 on a Microphone primarily intended for Voice Recording. Know the different options and my final choice.

The idea of ​​this list is to select a Microphone that you can use, mainly, to record voices but that also you can use to record some Music Instruments. Basically it is that you can use it as an off-road Microphone: for everything.

Best Microphones For Quality Sound

That’s why all the options are Large Membrane Condenser Microphones and none of them works via USB. You will need an interface with Phantom Power to work with them and start setting up a more professional Work Environment.

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1. AKG C3000 | € 195

Buy an AKG C3000 MicrophoneIn the lower price range of this entry we find one of the best professional brands and a comprehensive catalog of prices and benefits for a company respected by that relationship.

I find the right choice as the first Microphone to record Voices. Its -10 dBs Attenuation Pad will allow you to work with strong signals even though I miss a High Pass Filter to reduce the Proximity Effect and the bass resonances.

It has a unique Cardioid Polar Pattern that will serve to capture Voices frontally , but you will not enjoy the versatility necessary to record several Voices or some Instruments. Be that as it may, it is an excellent option below € 200.

2. SE ELECTRONICS 2200A IIC | € 229

Buy a Microphone SE Electronics 2200AThis Microphone replaces the old sE2200a from the same house that, as they both like to say, was Amy Winehouse’s main vocal microphone. Marketing aside, it’s worth noting the detail for that cheap is not synonymous with Poor Quality .

You enjoy the same attenuation pad of the C3000 although it adds the necessary High Pass Filter . In the same way, it has a single Cardioid Polar Pattern.

It supports Sound Pressure Levels up to 135 dBs which, translated into Spanish, means that it can handle the loudest Mc’s … although not as well as the next model.

3. AUDIO TECHNICA AT2050 | € 235

Buy an Audio Technica AT2050 MicrophoneClassic among the classics in this price range, the AT 2050 includes, this time, 3 selectable Polar Patterns : Cardioid (like the two previous models), Omnidirectional and Figure 8. This extra versatility will go from fable to record more than One Vocalist at a time and to experiment with some Instruments.

Its High Pass Filter at 80 Hz and the Attenuation Pad of -10 dBs are on the same wave as the SE we have seen although it supports up to 149 dBs SPL, well away from the 2200a II C. It also includes the AT8458 Suspension and a Soft Case .

This is one of the best options you can think of right now if you are thinking of buying a microphone.


Buy a Rode NT2-A MicrophoneThis Rode Pack is made up of the Rode NT2-A along with the Deluxe SM6 suspension with integrated Antipop, a 6 meter XLR cable, a soft case and a DVD tutorial in case you do not have enough with the Production HipHop

You can work with the same 3 Polar Patterns as the previous model but in this case you can set the High Pass Filter at 80 or 40 Hz and the Attenuation Pad at -10 or -5 dBs, allowing you more versatility and its 147 dBs SPL will support you whatever.

I find it interesting to include in the list a Combo of this type that will go to you if you do not have Equipment and you need to do with the whole Initial Pack at a reduced cost.

5. SE ELECTRONICS SE 2200T | € 298

Buy a SE Electronics 2200T MicrophoneCuriously, its characteristics are more limited than some more economical models. It only features a Cardioid Polar Pattern, a Switchable High Pass Filter at 100Hz, a -10 dBs Attenuation Pad, and a maximum SPL of 130 dBs. It is also the only one on the list that works with an external Power Supply (on the same wave as my beloved Studio Projects T3).

However it works on an own SE valve (unlike previous solid state models) and that changes the internal electronics of the microphone and its sound. If you compare the model 2200a II C with this you will notice a richer and more open Sound , especially in the Voices and Acoustic Guitars.

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If you are mainly going to record Vocals from a single vocalist, which is the most likely scenario for most of us, I would do with the SE 2200 T (although it will also serve to record some Instruments). However, the 3 Polar Patterns of the Rode NT2-A and its high SPL level make it the off-road option for recording Instruments and experimenting in various environments.

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